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Let us print the perfect custom product sticker labels and tags for all your labeling needs!

Here at StickersPH, we provide a huge selection of sticker label printing options tailored to meet your diverse requirements. Whether you are a business owner looking to enhance your product packaging or a homemaker wanting to decorate your personalized gifts, we can help you! To ensure satisfaction, we allow our customers to specify the size and material they need for their sticker labels.

We offer personalized product labels and stickers tags that are easy on the pocket. Depending on your budget, you can choose to print labels made with either high quality vinyl or satin paper materials.

As an expert in custom digital sticker label printing in the Philippines, we are dedicated in empowering your business through cost-effective stickers that will bring your company to the next level! Feel free to contact us if you have further inquiries on our customized adhesive label printing services.

Types Of Product Sticker Labels That We Print:

Decorate your packaging and make your baked goods more visually appetizing with custom bakery sticker labels! Whether you are a small bakery shop owner or a home-based pastry chef, we have the right labeling solution for you. Read more...

Looking to improve the appeal of your candle products and giveaways? We can provide the label stickers you’re looking for! Here at StickersPH, you can choose from an array of stickers in various shapes and sizes that will fit your candles. The choice is yours to make. Read more...

Set your beauty products apart from your competitors with customized cosmetic sticker labels! With our huge array of sticker options to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the right custom labels and decals that best suit your beauty products. Whether you need a transparent label or colorful vinyl logo, we can make it happen! Read more...

If you're searching for durable and waterproof sticker labels for your detergent and dishwashing liquid products, then you have come to the right place! We give you various options that fit your unique labeling needs. Our personalized stickers are sure to enhance the look and appeal of your products. Read more...

Our food jar label stickers are perfect for labeling any bottled products. You can also use these adhesive labels to decorate your bottled gifts or make your homemade goodies more visually appealing for your customers in the Philippines. Read more...

Put a touch of elegance and sophistication to your perfumes and fragrances with customized sticker labels! We have different product labeling options to fit any style and design. No matter what your needs, we can provide quality adhesive label stocks and size options for your cologne and perfume boxes and bottles. Read more...

Make your soap products even more delightful with custom printed label stickers! Our personalized stickers can be utilized for all kinds of soap, bath, and body products. We can print your design on premium vinyl or satin paper with self-adhesive backing. Read more...

Made with quality clear vinyl, our custom transparent stickers are great for branding and labeling purposes and can provide a stylish look to your products that’s sure to impress your clients! With our modern printing equipment, we are capable of manufacturing labels with 1440dpi high color resolution using eco-solvent inks. Read more...

Sample Photos:

Paper Sticker Labels - Whapmeaty Philippines
Satin Paper Stickers - Bakers Maison
Paper Sticker Labels - Ibanez Delights
Rectangular Sticker Labels - Julie's Ginisang Alamang
Die-Cut Round Vinyl Stickers - QC Passed
Kiss-Cut Oval Vinyl Stickers - Fuma Philippines
Waterproof Vinyl Sticker Labels - Homespun
Paper Sticker Labels - Chocolate Crinkles
Reflective Inspection Sticker Tags

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