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Custom Matte Paper Stickers

Ordering your custom matte paper stickers has never been easier, simpler, and most importantly, cheaper, at StickersPH!

Produced with a cutting-edge digital printer, our matte paper stickers are fantastic for product packaging. You can apply them on a wide array of items such as boxes, letters, cards, envelops, jars, bottles, notebooks, books, and many more. 

Individually cut according to your specified size, our matte labels are made of self-adhesive paper material with quality full-color prints and sharp design details that won’t fade easily. They will stick to practically any surface too.

With various sizes to choose from, we make it simple to make your matte paper sticker labels tailor made to perfection for diverse clients in Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Metro Manila, Philippines. Whether you need them for tagging, mailing, or shipping purposes, we will give your personalized labels the quality it deserves to stand out. If you wish to order, just fill out our Order Form or send us an email

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Minimum order quantity: depends on dimension
Custom Matte Paper Stickers
Specifications of Custom Matte Paper Stickers:

 Material: matte paper stickers
 Full color, high resolution graphics
 Cheaper alternative to vinyl sticker labels
 Digitally printed, individually cut
 Low pricing on large orders
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