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Food Jar Sticker Labels

Our food jar label stickers are perfect for labeling any bottled products. 

You can also use these adhesive labels to decorate your bottled gifts or make your homemade goodies more visually appealing for your customers in the Philippines.

Made with either quality vinyl stickers or satin paper materials, these custom sticker labels can be mounted on any jars, containers, and bottles with ease. Stick them as food labels for jams, desserts, gourmet tuyo, peanut butter, sauces, honey, baked goods, sweets, preserves, and many more. They are fully customizable with your own design. We can print them in transparent or white vinyl. 

Whatever your needs, we can make label stickers to fit the jar or container you have! Don't hesitate to message us if you have any questions.

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Sticker Labels - Julie's Ginisang Alamang
Vinyl Sticker Labels - Homespun
Ginisang Alamang Sticker Labels Philippines
Gourmet Tuyo Sticker Labels Philippines
Chili Oil Sticker Labels Philippines
Specifications of Food Jar Sticker Labels:

 Material: vinyl or paper stickers
 Full color, high resolution graphics
 Digitally printed, individually cut
 Low pricing on large orders
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